Aubrey Trail trial: Woman testifies to spending several days with suspects after Loofe disappeared

Wilber, NE - 6/17/2019 - Aubrey Trail appears in Saline County District Court for a plea...
Wilber, NE - 6/17/2019 - Aubrey Trail appears in Saline County District Court for a plea hearing on Monday, June 17, 2019. GWYNETH ROBERTS, Journal Star (KOLNKGIN)
Published: Jul. 2, 2019 at 4:30 PM CDT
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A woman testified in Saline County court on Tuesday that she spent several days with Aubrey Trail and Bailey Boswell after Sydney Loofe died.

The woman, whom 1011 is choosing not to name, is the third person to testify over the last two days in regards to spending significant time with the co-defendants as part of the pair’s sex cult.

The 23-year-old said she met Trail and Boswell through Tinder in early November of 2017 and spent three weekends at their apartment in Wilber, engaging in sexual activity.

The woman added she was required to call Boswell “mommy” and Trail “daddy” and required to give Trail massages and oral sex.

She said she was also required to have sex with Boswell while describing torture and killing techniques.

The woman said she was picked up by Boswell on November 17 and thought she was going with them on a trip to pick up cocaine.

According to the woman, she was supposed to hang out with them on November 16, but Boswell told her she was too tired and instead picked her up the next day.

Loofe went missing on Nov. 15 after agreeing to a date with Boswell on Tinder.

The woman said after Boswell picked her up, they bounced around from hotel to hotel in Grand Island, Kearney, and Iowa.

She said she got a few phone calls from the police asking her to get back to them, but didn’t learn Trail and Boswell were suspects in a kidnapping until the night before they dropped her off to go home.

She said she traded cars with Trail on Nov. 22 and they went their separate ways.

She said she only stayed with them during that time because she was afraid they would hurt her family.

Earlier on Tuesday, testimony was heard from another young woman that she was a member of Trail's sex cult.

The woman, whose name we are choosing not release, will be referred to as A.G.

She told jurors she was also recruited to the group through Boswell on Tinder.

She said Boswell introduced her to Trail, who told her he could provide her with business opportunities "she could only imagine."

She said after she agreed to go into business with Trail, she went shopping with Boswell and to their Wilber apartment for the first time.

A.G. told jurors at the Wilber home she had sex with Boswell while Trail watched.

She said at that point she started getting involved in Trail and Boswell's antiquing business.

"That's what kept me there," A.G. said.

She said she wasn't interested in engaging in sexual activity with either Boswell or Trail, and only did a few times when threatened with punishment.

She said she was made to adhere to certain rules similar to those of the woman who previously testified, A.H. She said she was required to be naked in the Wilber apartment, to refer to Trail as "daddy" and help around the house.

She said she told Trail she was uncomfortable not wearing clothes and calling him "daddy." A.G. said after she earned Boswell and Trail's trust she was able to wear clothes in the house again.

A.G. said Trail and Boswell also talked to her about witches and vampires, but she didn't believe them.

However, she said she did believe them when they talked about killing. A.G. told jurors Trail and Boswell talked about taking a video of them killing someone and selling it for $1 million.

"I did think they would lay hands on someone, 100 percent," A.G. said.

She said that's why she eventually left the group.

But A.G. said it wasn't easy to leave. She said she often felt threatened by Trail and Boswell.