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Unique ways to stay safe and cool in the Omaha heat

County fair keeping animals and guests safe from extreme heat

Z Files: Stealing from the dead, swimming on concrete

Residents take matters into own hands, push for levee repairs

Bellevue police officers respond to heat related calls

West Nile Virus tested positive in two local parks

FLOOD VICTIM RESOURCES: Information for those who need help

Tire changing teen catches eye of State Patrol

Rusty's Evening Forecast - First Alert Day through Saturday before storms break the heat

HOW TO HELP: Donate, volunteer to help flood victims across the region

WATCH: How hot is it? Watch our crayons melt as the temperature rises

Saturday marks 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing

In reversal, Trump disavows criticism of chanting crowd

Iran says British tanker seized because of collision

Black Ga. lawmaker: White man said ‘Go back where you came from’

State Supreme Court rejects Nikko Jenkins' appeal

Report: YouTube to pay FTC fine over kids’ data protection

Clay's Midday Forecast - Highs near 100 this afternoon

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