Man arrested in connection to 7 robberies in Omaha

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT)-- Omaha Detectives have linked one man to seven different robberies. He has been terrorizing convenience store clerks and a cook from an Italian restaurant since mid-October.

Omaha Police on Monday, Nov. 11, 2019, were looking for an armed robber who held up a metro restaurant and forced an employee into a freezer. (Courtesy of Omaha Police Department)

Tuesday night he is in custody at the Douglas County Jail.

From a South Omaha Kwik Shop in mid-October to a Bucky’s at 24th and Martha streets in early December, 32-year-old Spencer Scott is under arrest for those two armed robberies and five more in-between.

Surveillance video captured the frightening moments of what happened on that mid-November Monday morning at Sgt. Peffer’s Café. The suspect points a gun at the prep cook at the Italian restaurant on Saddle Creek. Before the get-away, the suspect tore the phone off the wall and made the clerk get in the freezer.

“Is it really worth the amount of money you’re going to get away with or cigarettes or lottery tickets, people just don’t think of the risk, reward through it all,” said Just Peffer, with the restaurant.

In at least four of those robberies, according to our research, there were two men who entered the convenience stores. Sometimes, as the get-away driver. No word tonight on whether he is in custody.