Bellevue University generates key players in cybersecurity workforce

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BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) -- Bellevue University has a cybersecurity team that is competing against hundreds of other colleges across the country in the National Cyber League.

Bellevue University cybersecurity team hones skills in a nationwide competition.

The competition gives students practice working on different concepts of cybersecurity in a competitive setting.

Educators say this competition prepares students for real-world opportunities in the cybersecurity workforce.

Program Director Douglas Rausch said, “Cybersecurity can be an incredibly hands-on type of career and we teach different concepts in each of the courses they go through. When they get out in the career field, out in the workforce, they have to bring those all into play at one time.”

Professor Rausch said there are currently hundreds of thousands of jobs open in the cybersecurity field.