Semis driving down West Center Road are causing headaches for residents

Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 7:00 PM CST
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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -Some Omaha residents say their neighborhood has become more of a freeway than a residential area.

We’re told it’s causing many sleepless nights and headaches.

“When your house shakes, there is a real problem,” said Paul Bellinger.

Paul Bellinger, Linda Davis, and Tom Cochran all live near 102nd and West Center.

Residents say West Center is becoming a freeway with semis speeding past their homes day after day and to top it off, the road is littered with potholes making it even louder.

“When it goes over that, it’s a huge bump, a loud sound. I’m inside trying to work, the walls shake and pictures fall off of the wall. It wakes us up in the middle of the night,” said Linda Davis.

“During the day it’s constant. Just the vibration, the noise level is higher than what it should be,” said Tom Cochran.

Paul and Linda have built a barrier in their front lawn and they say it’s to help drown out the noise. But they are also using it to make a political statement, sometimes with outrageous signage.

“We put the noise abatement structure up here. We are trying to make it conform with something that my neighbors across the street would appreciate,” said Bellinger.

The city has cited Bellinger multiple times for the barrier, saying he needs a permit for it.

Paul and Linda say they’ve exhausted every option reaching out to council members and today, the board of commissioners.

“I think there’s nothing we can do about that because of jurisdiction. To me, it’s a clear thing of the city council’s jurisdiction.”

Neighbors believe there’s an easy fix and they would like leaders to do something about it.

“Realistically the interstate is just to the west of us and then to the east of us, you have 84th street which is where all the industrial is. I think the trucks should not be coming through here,” said Cochran.

We did reach out to Councilmember Colleen Brennan, she represents this part of the city.

She says she is looking into the issue and will get back to those residents as soon as she has an answer on how to solve the issue.

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