Creighton WBB beats Xavier

Fri Jan 24 20:52:56 PST 2020

Creighton WBB beats Xavier

The CReighton WBB team gets back on track, beating Xavier at home.

Omaha DEA looks to crack down on drug pipeline along Interstate-80

Interstate-80 has been known as a drug pipeline, but according to the Drug Enforcement Agency, it's changing.

Man chases thief

Man chased off a man who stole a purse in his neighborhood.

Crews to monitor gravel trench used to keep water away in Fremont

On County Road 19 gravel was used to build up the road and a trench was built to relieve pressure and keep water away from the highway. Crews will be out here monitoring conditions.

President's Day Classic

President's Day Classic

13 under quarantine at UNMC likely positive for coronavirus

Thirteen people in need of further testing for the coronavirus arrived in Omaha on Monday morning and were transported to UNMC's National Quarantine Unit the same place a woman quarantined for coronavirus at Camp Ashland was taken on Friday.

People near the Platte to escape the worst of future food risks

The scene from above the Platte River south of Fremont shows ice jamming up the rivers flow, still days away from any potential movement.