Relationship between police and Ring doorbell cameras

Tue Oct 08 17:04:59 PDT 2019

Relationship between police and Ring doorbell cameras

Dozens of civil rights groups have raised questions regarding protecting one's privacy when it comes to the Ring doorbell cameras. They want to make sure law enforcement isnt overstepping their boundaries.

President's Day Classic

President's Day Classic

13 under quarantine at UNMC likely positive for coronavirus

Thirteen people in need of further testing for the coronavirus arrived in Omaha on Monday morning and were transported to UNMC's National Quarantine Unit the same place a woman quarantined for coronavirus at Camp Ashland was taken on Friday.

People near the Platte to escape the worst of future food risks

The scene from above the Platte River south of Fremont shows ice jamming up the rivers flow, still days away from any potential movement.

Creighton moves up to 15th in AP poll

Creighton jumped from No. 23 to No. 15 in the latest AP top-25.

Rusty Lord explains how ice jams form

Chief Meteorologist Rusty Lord walks you through how we get ice jams — like the one causing flooding along the Platte River.

Aerial video of Platte River ice jams

Video taken from a helicopter shows the ice jams building up along the Platter River on Monday afternoon. (Courtesy of Husker Helicopter)