Omaha Everyday: CombOver Contracting LLC

Fri Aug 23 07:13:59 PDT 2019

Omaha Everyday: CombOver Contracting LLC

Omaha Everyday: Miller Orthopedic Specialists

Dave Webber talks with a representative from Miller Orthopedic Speacialists.

Mavs Win in Overtime

Mavs Win in Overtime

Sewage filled basement causes financial nightmare for Beaver Lake resident

A homeowners nightmare poured into a basement south of the metro earlier this week. A Beaver Lake community sewer line plugged up. Though its been cleared out the homeowner is still stuck--with a huge bill.

Proposed bill could help first responders tackle PTSD

When first responders head out on a call, they don't know what they'll find on the other end. Proposed bill LB963 would make an effort to better prepare them for whatever trauma they might face.

Nebraska, Iowa agencies prepare for possible spread of coronavirus

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and other health partners are anticipating an impact on Nebraska and are expanding the list of recent countries traveled that require residents to self-report.

College athletes excited for "fair pay to play" act

College athletes could soon cash in off the field after a state bill received serious support in the Nebraska Unicam.