Avante Dickerson of Westside

Mon Oct 14 20:51:15 PDT 2019

Avante Dickerson of Westside

Avante Dickerson of Westside

Rainfall undermines a West Omaha driveway, residents fear collapse

The driveway of a West Omaha home looks safe enough but an elderly homeowner worries about what you cant see underneath. She wants the citys help but is it taxpayers responsibility?

Omaha firefighter arrested

Omaha firefighter Stephen Luethge, 34, has been arrested in a Sarpy County child abuse investigation.

Missouri collecting containers found floating in floodwaters

Hundreds of containers many carrying hazardous materials have floated into Missouri since flooding in the upper Missouri River basin during the spring.

Officials urging flood victims to take a payout while they can

Officials in Mills County are warning flood victims to take the money now while you have a chance.

FEI World Cup Finals returning to Omaha

Billed as equestrian sports' biggest annual individual championship, the FEI World Cup Finals will return to Omaha in 2023.

Blackstone set for spring rebirth as Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel

Omaha's Blackstone Hotel at 36th and Farnam will be reopening in the spring of 2020 as the Kimpton Cottonwood Hotel featuring 205 guest rooms and a long list of amenities.