Support the YMCA, and Build More than Just Muscle

(Photographer: Callie Lipkin)

Sponsored - The YMCA has a long history, storied past of supporting communities through challenging times.

When the YMCA was founded in 1851, its mission was in many ways the same as it is today: to strengthen the foundation of community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. While through the years the execution of this mission may have changed based on the changing circumstances of the times, be it war time response, civil rights awareness, global pandemic relief or other, the Y has always strived to build community. And it’s community that helps build the Y.

When you join, support, donate or volunteer at the Y, you’re part of a movement to create change for the better. It’s donations, including memberships, that help the Y attain its mission. Members get so much more than just a gym. They’re supporting a unique organization with a global presence, yet hyper-focused on the very community in which members live. And through this COVID pandemic, the Y served Omaha in many important ways, including providing critical child care services to frontline healthcare workers battling the pandemic; providing fresh fruits & vegetables to families dealing with food insecurity; establishing social outreach services to seniors dealing with loneliness and isolation, and so much more. And it’s the support of members and donors that made it all possible.

Every year on March 1st, the YMCA of Greater Omaha launches the Strong Communities Campaign, in which the community has the opportunity to learn more about all the Y does, how they can support this vital mission, and the many ways they can give to the Y. More than 65,000 members across the greater Omaha metro area choose the Y as their go-to for health & wellness. More than 25,000 Omaha kids play YMCA Youth Sports. 10,000 kids learn swim safety every year, and countless more benefit from Y services and programs. Each year, the Y provides nearly $2 million in subsidized programs and services, so that everyone has access to health & wellness options, regardless of means. And your support helps the Y do just that.

With 10 locations across eastern Nebraska and western Iowa, the Y provides a convenient gym experience in a safe, clean and responsible environment. And each one of those branch locations serves its neighborhood and community with vital services and programs, that you help make possible.

To learn more about the YMCA of Greater Omaha and the Strong Communities Campaign, visit

(Callie Lipkin)