Tips to help lower back pain if you’re working from home

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The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed many employers to allow employees to work from home. While the idea of going to meetings in pajamas and messy hair is appealing, there’s a health downside that comes with sitting all the time.

Considering that home furniture isn’t necessarily designed with ergonomics in mind, you may already be dealing with lower back pain.

When it comes to lower back pain, listen to the following to help stop you from being hunkered over in pain.

Take a break!

That aching back can be helped by getting up and walking away for a few minutes. On top of the other health benefits – stress relief, for example – taking a little break from work madness is going to help with muscles that have stayed still for too long. Blood flow is also going to improve if you take a walking break.

Check on your posture

Slouching is not the way to get anything done. If you’re hunched over a laptop like Quasimodo, chances are you’re going to hurt your back. Sit straight up with your knees at a 90-degree angle. Also take a look at how you’re situated with your computer. Adjust your screen and your monitor to ensure you’re keeping your neck straight.

Eat healthy

This one should come as no surprise to anyone. If you’re eating a healthy and balanced diet, all your bones, muscles, and internal organs can work at peak performance.

Exercise, too

You didn’t think we’d forget this one, right? You can’t eat healthy without following up with an exercise routine. No one says you must hit the gym or anything, but at least getting up and walking around in your neighborhood can be considered exercise!

When all else fails, time to see your physician

Like any ongoing or long-term pain issues, getting your primary care physician to make sure it’s not something worse is always good advice.

In the meantime, UnitedHealthcare is here to guide you through any health issue.

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