Giving Tuesday, December 1, 2020: Harnessing the Power of All

SHARE Omaha invites you to lift up our community

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Simply put, it feels good to give back.

Doing good, whether it’s sharing treasure, time or kindness, gives the receiver a warm hug of caring and you a sense of joy that comes with helping others. Whether you choose to support large, medium or small nonprofits, or the neighbor down the street, what you do lifts up someone’s parent, sibling, a veteran, another human being.

For Giving Tuesday 2019, Secret Kindness Agents hung heat gear in Turner Park for anyone in...
For Giving Tuesday 2019, Secret Kindness Agents hung heat gear in Turner Park for anyone in need to take. This act of kindness is happening again on December 1. Click on the image to learn more.

ALL Gifts and ALL Ways of Doing Good Matter

On December 1, we have the opportunity to show our collective strength by giving and doing all we can — at the end of this year of years — for the future of our community.

For the second time, SHARE Omaha will power the annual #GivingTuesday402 in the Omaha metro and #GivingTuesday712 in Southwest Iowa. The day is a part of a global generosity movement which will connect nonprofit organizations to those who can give financially, who want to volunteer and who can share material goods or services needed by nonprofits.

Marjorie Maas, SHARE Omaha executive director said, “It is the power of ALL that will make the difference whatever the amount of the contribution, the time given to volunteer, or what you are able to share.”

It’s a chance to show we’re all in this together. Everyone has something to offer and you don’t have to wait until Dec. 1 to participate.

Ways you can get started today:

  • Search SHARE Omaha to find a cause that matters to you
  • Give a gift using donation code GIVINGTUESDAY
  • Explore ways to safely volunteer and provide items nonprofits need

Hundreds of Ways to Do Good

Over 350 local causes have told SHARE Omaha what they need and how we can help through Giving Tuesday. Cash donations are the most flexible resource you can offer local causes, but here is a sampling of additional ways to help:

SHARE Omaha Reinforces Doing Good for a Bright Future

Earlier this fall, Omaha Community Foundation announced that the spring Omaha Gives event has sunsetted and giving opportunities like this are transitioning to SHARE Omaha’s leadership. Giving Tuesday 2020 is the first effort in the transition.

SHARE Omaha and sponsors Core Bank for #GivingTuesday402, and TS Bank in Southwest Iowa for #GivingTuesday712, are hopeful that anyone who cares about the future of our community (which is everyone!) will feel compelled to participate on December 1.

“Let’s harness the power of all this year,” Maas said. “We can show our collective strength by giving and doing all we can, and ensure a brighter, better future for everyone.”

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