Learning to code can open doors for Omahans

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Jessica Teaford
Jessica Teaford

As a graphic designer and project manager, Jessica Teaford knew a thing or two about creativity and problem solving.

So after she was laid off from her job last fall, the Omaha native put those skills to the test and learned to code through AIM Code School.

“I really wanted to add value to my skill set,” said Teaford, 25, who has a degree in graphic design and advertising from University of Nebraska Omaha. “A lot of employers seek those web design skills out. It’s something everyone is looking for.

In October, Teaford began AIM Code School’s Foundations of Web Development course. The accredited class, which meets at night, focuses on the building blocks of websites: HTML, CSS and basic Javascript.

10 weeks later, when the course wrapped up, she was confident in her skills and eager to learn more.

Even better, Teaford found new employment at Clark Creative Group as a graphic and digital designer, who assists with website updates.

Emily Matis
Emily Matis

Emily Matis, AIM Code School director, says the school was formed with the idea that not everyone needs an associate or bachelor’s degree to get a good job in tech. The code school option can be more affordable and take less time due to its frequent course start dates, she said.

Matis also mentioned the “$1 million decision,” or the idea, backed by research, that an individual who has a job in tech will make about $1 million more over their lifetime than someone without a job in tech.

There is no typical AIM Code School student, Matis said.

“We have a lot of students who are career-changers, or those who have already gone to school or are veterans and are looking to make a change and get a job in a tech field,” she said.

And while it may seem like an intimidating field, it’s a great option for many.

“Anyone can do tech,” Matis said. “That’s a lesson our instructors tell our students all the time -- You can do it, you are capable of doing it, and we’re giving you the tools to be able to succeed.”

Life at AIM Code School
Life at AIM Code School

In addition to the foundational class, AIM Code School offers accredited courses in .NET development, Full Stack Java, as well as a data science academy. Scholarships are available, as is funding for veterans through the GI Bill®.

As for Jessica Teaford, her desire to continue her education has continued on. She’s currently enrolled in the code school’s Java specialization course and hopes to one day be a full-stack web developer who can build websites from the ground up.

Teaford says the course material is approachable and taught as a reasonable pace.

“When I was going to school, I wish someone would have told me how in-demand coding skills are,” Teaford said. “(AIM Code School) is a great option for people who want to learn these skills.”

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