Kansas City airport announces 2 new international routes

A castle in Kentucky is throwing a party for Harry Potter’s birthday

Delta flight has emergency landing after engine catches fire

Technical troubles trigger flight delays - issue appears resolved

Alaska Airlines flights back in the air after power outage

Delta changes the way fliers board planes

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Smiles cleared for landing at Eppley Airfield

Over the river and through the crowds

Sick airplane passengers greeted by 'hidden network of protection'

Record number of travelers predicted to hit the road over the holiday

Goats? No. Miniature ponies? Maybe: American Airlines debuts new emotional support animal policy

Alaska travel shows

A little forethought can keep your travel gears oiled

American Airlines flight returns to Omaha after flight control issues

That river you went over? Those woods you went through? Yeah, they're jammed!

More drivers more problems: Red Cross tips for safe holiday travel

Hurricane threat puts a halt to Omaha's Florida flights

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