Quarantined patients in bio-containment unit reported stable

UPDATE: CDC on coronavirus health emergency

CDC prioritizing coronavirus information distribution to prevent outbreak, pandemic

CDC: 11 of 13 quarantined at UNMC tested positive for coronavirus

57 released from coronavirus quarantine at Camp Ashland make their way home

Douglas County Health Dept. holds meeting on coronavirus

Omaha doctor sent to help potential coronavirus victims debunks misconceptions

Test results for 13 possibly infected with coronavirus will take days to confirm

13 under quarantine at UNMC likely positive for coronavirus

Woman under coronavirus quarantine moved to hospital at Camp Ashland as precaution

Coronavirus patient traveled with group quarantined in Ashland

Wife of Nebraskan quarantined in California for coronavirus talks about experience

Personnel practice quarantine procedures as group from China makes its way to Omaha

57 quarantined passengers arrive at Omaha airport en route to Camp Ashland

Life under coronavirus quarantine: Boxing, chalk art and waiting

Have questions about coronavirus? Call the Douglas County Health Department's hotline

Experts, authorities detail coronavirus quarantine preparations, run drills at Camp Ashland

UPDATE: Camp Ashland awaiting coronavirus quarantine arrivals; 2 being tested in Iowa

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