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David's Evening Forecast - Warmer weather through Wednesday!

Mallory's Evening Forecast - Mild highs through mid-week!

Mallory's Evening Forecast - Overnight snow to impact Monday commute

Mallory's Morning Forecast - Colder Sunday, Chance of snow by evening

Rusty's 2019-2020 Winter Outlook

David's Evening Forecast - Light mix possible Tuesday morning

Mallory's Sunday Forecast - Mostly dry but cool week ahead

Mallory's Weekend Forecast - Clouds increase tonight and Sunday

David's Evening Forecast - Snow tapers off, Sunny but cold Halloween

Mallory's Evening Forecast - Light snowfall this evening and Wednesday

First taste of winter for the Midwest later this week

Rusty's Forecast - Rain winding down this evening, more likely Wednesday.

Mallory's Morning Forecast - Summer-Like End to September!

Mallory's Morning Forecast - Cooler with spotty rain showers

Mallory's Morning Forecast - Scattered Storms Tuesday Morning

Mallory's Morning Forecast - Heat Today, Storms Tonight

Clay's Midday Forecast - Spotty storm or two possible this afternoon

Clay's Midday Forecast - Mostly dry but a few storms possible this afternoon

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