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State officials to assess chronic wasting disease in deer

Wildlife officials warn of coyotes in the city

VIDEO: Watch a mountain lion kitten in the Nebraska wilderness

Injured opossum improving in the hands of Nebraska Wildlife Rehab

Bobcat captured on VA campus in Lincoln released to wildlife management area

Emerald ash borer found in Nebraska's Saunders County

Zoo's new Snow Leopards prepare to meet the public

Endangered rhino calf born at Henry Doorly Zoo

Marina the white rhino euthanized at Henry Doorly Zoo

North Omaha man sees what he thinks is a mountain lion in his front yard

NC fisherman catches rare all-blue crab

Lucky the pig on the mend after falling off truck on I-80

Bobcat spotted in Council Bluffs back yard

Omaha zoo welcomes newborn sea lion pups

Lincoln seeing a spike in the number of turtles injured by cars

VIDEO: Meet the Henry Doorly Zoo's newest baby gorilla

Zoo set to debut newborn gorilla on Friday

Late to his own party, Henry Doorly's new elephant travels flood detours to Omaha

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