Mule deer take flight for research study

Bighorn sheep get helicopter ride during Game & Parks processing in the Panhandle

Lincoln Humane Society receives 84 cats from single owner

Stranded pelican stuck until after government shutdown

Trucker saves dogs thrown from vehicle on New York highway

Roger, the ripped kangaroo and 'true icon,' has died

Officials look for answers in death of zoo impala

New York dog found in Florida 18 months after disappearing

Zoo tapir goes public - sort of

Man shoots deer that had other buck's head stuck in antlers

Trapper captures record-setting python in Everglades

Neglected horses receive life-saving care

Family creates unique "bucket list" after dogs grim diagnosis

A rare two-headed copperhead discovered in Virginia

Dogs set to be euthanized in Texas get a second chance in Nebraska

Omaha's Zoo helps reforesting effort to save Madagascar lemurs

Hunter suffers minor injuries in Utah mountain lion attack

Police look into video of man spanking hippo at LA Zoo

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