UPDATE: Police Respond To Woman's 'Excessive Force' Complaint

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An Omaha Police Internal Affairs investigation found "evidence to support" a woman's excessive force complaint. Jazmyne McMiller claimed one officer forcefully arrested and choked her while in handcuffs.

Omaha Police Chief Todd Schmaderer sent Jazmyne McMiller a letter after an Internal Affairs Unit investigation stating:

"Regarding the allegation that Officer Hiykel, used excessive force the investigation found evidence to support the allegation of events as you described; therefore, the allegation is sustained. The case file is being forwarded to the officer's chain of command for a recommendation of discipline."

McMiller said she felt vindicated after seeing the letter. "I do appreciate the letter from the chief though, that was great. Just to know, I'm here in Omaha, I'm living in Omaha and he's seeing what's going on and he's not putting up with it," she said.

She questioned, however, if she would have achieved this outcome had there not been surveillance video of the incident.

"When I sat that night in jail that's all I thought about. Am I going to be able to prove this?"

Her "disturbing the peace" charge was swiftly dropped in court in January. She filed an excessive force complaint the same day.

January 26, 2015

After an altercation with Omaha Police on a hotel elevator, Jazmyne McMiller said one officer forcefully arrested her and choked her while in handcuffs. WOWT 6 News obtained exclusive surveillance video of the incident.

"Why are you doing this to me? I have a room here," said McMiller, who said she repeated this phrase to an officer dozens of times the night of November 30th.

McMiller and her friend, Tynesha Oliver, said they booked rooms at the Downtown Hilton weeks in advance to attend the Terence Crawford boxing match at the CenturyLink Center. When McMiller arrived back at the hotel with her father, Eugene McMiller, she was told there had been a fight in the hotel lobby.

Numerous officers responded to help clear up the mess, which can be seen in the hotel's surveillance video. McMiller was met by Oliver in the lobby, who said she also just learned of the fight.

"As I was going into the elevator, the elevator doors were opened by an officer. They were asking us to show proof that we were guests at the hotel," said McMiller, "I proceeded to show them my key card, I'm a guest here. And then they just snatched me off the elevator, slammed me into the wall and handcuffed me."

"We asked him, what is she being arrested for and he said mind your business before you end up in jail, so I didn't say anything else to him," said Oliver.

In the video, McMiller can be seen walking past the elevator doors in handcuffs and then walk to the receptionist counter.

"The guy at the Hilton says yes, she does have a room here and once he said that the officer just went irate. He just grabbed me by my neck while I'm in handcuffs, and just picked me up off my feet and slammed me onto the countertop," said McMiller.

In the police report the officer states: "At the front desk, McMiller was confirmed as a guest and she turned to [him] and began yelling at [him] and pushed her face closely to [him] (within a couple inches) and began spitting in [his] face while speaking."

McMiller denies spitting in his face or yelling at the officer until she got into the patrol car and was furious. She spent the night in jail and was ultimately charged with disturbing the peace. The charges were dropped in court Monday.

"I know that one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch I just want him and I want this to be exposed so that people are aware that it's going on," said McMiller.