What About The Blackshirts?

The biggest concern for Husker coach Mike Riley this spring will be the defense. Look for the coaching staff to make some big changes this spring.

Ross: What is your impression of the Nebraska defense? The personnel? They have really struggled the last few years. Is that a job you really need to focus on this spring?

Coach Riley: You know we are going to be teaching a new terminology. I told the players that things will be different. I do make a point to make sure, I am not talking about thing will be better or it is going to be a different language, everybody has got to have an open mind here. We will teach the things that we do offensively and defensively as we go. So our job is to take the personnel, coach them up, help them all get better. We do not have to compare anything to the past, all we want to do is take this group and make them the best that they can be and that is our job from there.

Ross: You are going to be asked this question a lot, because the Blackshirt tradition is very strong here. Coach Osborne, Coach Devaney, and Coach Solich they always gave out the Blackshirts before the season opener and then it changed to during the season. When do you plan to hand out the Blackshirts?

Coach Riley: Ross you asking me a really tough question right now and I have got to learn more on how this was done. I will probably talk to Coach Osborne about this because I’ve got to get a better feel of the tradition. I think it is great. The pride in that is very obvious to me. I have always known about the Blackshirts, did not know how they got them, or when they got them. I got to find out a little more about the history, but I want to talk Coach Osborne about it. Coach Solich. I saw Frank at the convention not long ago and he was excited for my opportunity here, I am excited to represent a team he once coached. So I am going to use as many sources I can to understand some of these things like the Blackshirts that have gone on.