Weeping Water Star Girl Athlete

It’s a web sensation, a Utah girl who dominates on the football field. She’s got moves, but it’s nothing compared to a 9-year-old Weeping Water Nebraska girl.

Grace Cave is doing what she loves, sports all day, all the time. She’s not your average athlete, all you have to do is look at the video her mom posted online. For us it’s impressive. For her it’s no big deal.

“You get to run, you can get touchdowns, you can get 2 point conversions, you can get a whole bunch of yardage, you can get tackles,” Grace Cave said.

She’s spent the last two years playing for Weeping Water Little League, and she can play any position.

“If I'm on defense trying to get the tackle I'm like where they going to go and I need to get there as fast as possible,” Grace said.

April Cave, Grace’s mother, says her daughter has always had a passion for sports. “I've always told grace that no matter what she can do anything,” April Cave said.

“Grace doesn't just excel in football and wrestling. She does it all. She's won metals in lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, and softball.”

Grace’s parents say they do it because it makes their daughter happy.

” For someone to tell me why are you letting your daughter play football or why are you letting your daughter wrestle, what am I supposed to tell her? She's not going to do it because she's a girl?”

For Grace, playing with the boys isn’t hard, in fact it’s pushed her to win even more.

“Boys can do anything but girls can do it better,” Grace said.