Victims' Families Call For Peace After Violent Weekend

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The families and friends of victims called for peace, justice, and an end to violence after four shootings killed two men and injured two others.

The cold, rainy day Monday matched the sorrow of loved ones, as they stood shoulder to shoulder at a prayer vigil and balloon release for Kerrington Luker.

Luker was killed early Sunday morning, shot outside of a party and left dead on the sidewalk near 33rd and Erskine streets. Family stood in the location praying, sharing stories, laughter and tears.

"This is unjustified. all he was trying to do was be a good guy. it had to be an accident," said Eustina Choto, Luker's foster sister.

Luker's was the first of two vigils, the second, blocks away held for the victims of Sunday's triple shooting near 30th and Meredith.

There, Derek Johnson, Jermaine Richey and Demetrion Washington were found shot. Johnson later died, Richey is extremely critical, and Washington is in serious condition.

Johnson's family tells WOWT 6 News she is heartbroken and grieving.

Separate incidents, Luker says she was shocked to learn that there was another fatal shooting Sunday, and now grasps for answers to the violence.

"When is this going to stop? When is this going to stop? Who gives them the right to take somebody else's life and think that's okay?" said Luker.

Community leaders and groups such as IMPACT One plead with the crippled community to speak out about the perpetrators of violence and to help bring justice for families.

"I want our hearts to be focused on finding the person and the person be brought out. There is no secret. This person needs to be brought out," said Barbara Robinson, speaking about who shot Luker.

"People that know what's going on around the city that don't speak up -- please, say something," said Choto.