Victim Follows Hit & Run Driver

A Council Bluffs, Iowa man, involved in a serious two-vehicle collision, just couldn't believe it. He watched the other driver speed away from the scene. So what would you do next? Here's what he did.

Rob Hart tells students to take responsibility for their actions, so the elementary school teacher is determined to hold a hit-and-run driver accountable.

Hart said, "He took a left-hand turn right in front of me." That other driver didn't stick around. Rob said, ”I was actually shocked. He pulled off to the side as if he was going to stop and then he sped off."

His pickup was in bad shape after the crash but Rob still followed. He pointed out to us where, ”he ran this stop sign here."

After two trips around the block, the other driver pulled into a driveway and Rob blocked him in. Council Bluffs Police arrested 50-year-old Kirk Martindale for Operating While Under the Influence and Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

By text to Fact Finders, Martindale claimed innocence stating, "I hit my head on the windshield post and was disoriented."

Though Rob's pickup can still be driven, he took it in for a damage estimate and repairs will cost $6,100 if the other driver's insurance doesn't come through. Martindale provided an Allstate Insurance policy number on the accident report.

Rob Hart said, “He already has these charges against him so he's at fault. This matter should be cut and dried."

Fact Finders got one answer that's not good news for Rob Hart. We checked with Allstate Insurance and found the other driver's policy lapsed before the crash. That means Rob must ask his insurance to cover repairs after he pays a deductible.

Kirk Martindale is due in court later this week.