Veteran Plows Snow with Wheelchair

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BELLEVUE, Neb. (WOWT) -- As the snow fell Tuesday, most of what we heard were complaints about Omaha’s snow removal abilities. Justin Anderson often witnesses a completely different attitude when it snows.

“I don't want kids or parents having to go through the snow and possibly trip or hurt themselves,” said Anderson. “I had a half-dozen people stop to take a picture because they hadn't seen a chair like this before.”

Last year, the Iraq War Veteran took his off-road wheelchair and put a snow blade on it.

“The chair has on-the-fly tilt so I can adjust the height of the blade as I push snow,” he tells WOWT 6 News.

Every snowfall, Anderson does his part and more.

“The community has supported me immensely with my struggles and tough times as I had a leg amputated and my fight with brain cancer. This is my way of giving back,” said Anderson.

Justin Anderson’s make-shift snow plow isn't about the recognition he says, but more about his duty.

“It's very gratifying. It's nice to know you're appreciated. But even if I didn't get any response from anyone – or nobody said Thank You – I'd still do it,” said Anderson.

The Independence Fund donated the chair to Justin so that he could get around easier. He tells WOWT 6 News he's planning some more winter modifications to the snow plow.