UNO Student Hailed As Hero After Attempted Knife Attack

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Omaha Police responded to a disturbance call Wednesday morning at Criss Library on the UNO Campus after an angry student armed with three knives allegedly threatened to slash the throats of fellow students.

Twenty year-old Leo Labogen has been charged with attempted felony assault after allegedly pulling a knife and making threats against students who were studying in the library.

Brandon Valle

Thirty year-old Brandon Valle told WOWT 6 News that he heard Labogen distracting other students by speaking loudly on his cell phone and asked him to take his phone call outside. According to Valle, that's when Labogen pulled a knife. He said: "I knew it was a threat and this person had crossed a line. So it was time to do something about it."

Valle grabbed Labogen by the wrist and wrestled him to the ground. Two other students rushed to Valle's aid. Together, they knocked away his knife and held him down until campus security and Omaha Police arrived on the scene. In the end, police discovered three knives in Labogen's possession.

Valle is being hailed as a hero by his fellow students, including Jennifer McDanal, who was also studying in the library. She told WOWT 6 News: "Knowing there are people on campus who are ready to help out and do what's necessary to keep people safe is a relief."

Labogen was taken into custody and booked by Omaha Police. Last summer, he had another run-in with law enforcement after his involvement in a fight with his roommate.