UNO Offers Puppy Playtime to Ease Stress of Finals

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Summer break is in sight for college students around the metro, but there is one final hurdle-- final exams.

To ease the stress, University of Nebraska at Omaha brought easy smiles to their students with puppies. In and out of testing, students were greeted with adorable little pups, and the smiling students say it helps.


"I love puppies, I mean, who doesn't?" said UNO Sophomore Sarah Ferguson. "And walking out of a really stressful class and then seeing all these puppies all over the place is just great."

"I would love to go home and pet my dog but obviously I can't because I have to stay here and study," said UNO Junior Olivia Harrison. "But it's just nice to know that they're making our day but we're also making their day by just giving them some lovin'."

The local organization Domesti-Pup provides the dogs. It's the third year UNO has put on the event.