UNO Expands Ridership Program Through Metro Transit

University of Nebraska at Omaha is expanding its MavRide program to provide access to every student, staff and faculty member.

Beginning Saturday, January 2 UNO students, staff and faculty will be able to use their university ID as a Metro Transit bus pass.

The expansion will provide bus access to more than 15,000 students and more than 3,000 faculty and staff. No special activation will be required; passengers will only need to swipe their MavCARD to ride.

Officials told WOWT 6 News Monday that one big plus of taking the bus is not having to worry about scraping cars or navigating slick roads.

MavRide is an initiative started by Student Government in partnership with Metro Transit that began in 2011. The upcoming MavRide expansion is jointly funded by UNO’s Student Government and UNO Parking Services, with existing funds from their current budgets.