Hospital Employees Fired For Accessing Sacra's Medical Record

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The Nebraska Medical Center said Friday two hospital employees have been fired for looking at Dr. Rick Sacra's medical file, a privacy violation.

The Med Center released the following statement:

"During an audit of our electronic medical records, we discovered that two med center employees inappropriately accessed the record of Ebola patient Dr. Rick Sacra. This is a violation of HIPAA regulations and an issue we take very seriously. Based on the results of the investigation conducted, two employees no longer work for the organization and other corrective action has been taken.

While this is extremely uncommon, we have a zero tolerance for unauthorized access to patient information. In accordance with HIPAA regulations, Dr. Sacra was notified in person and in writing before his departure from the hospital."

Dr. Sacra was released Thursday after being treated for the virus he contracted while working in Liberia and returned to his Massachusetts home.