Update: City Responds to Toddler Badly Burned Near Spray Park

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A toddler is recovering after being severely burned at an Omaha spray park on Saturday. Her family says something should be done before anyone else gets hurt.

Channel 6 spoke with Omaha Parks Maintenance Manager Brook Bench who went out to the splash pad at Seymour Smith Park at 68th & Harrison on Monday morning.

Bench says that there's isn't much the city can do. He says the metal grate is made of aluminum, which is much cooler than other metals like steel. He also says the grate is located several feet away from the splash park.

On Monday the grate was covered with a cone and a huge CAUTION sign.

"She just started walking two months ago, so she's always on the go," said 14-month-old Katie Clark's mother, Allison Moody.

Katie is now crawling, not walking, because she has 2nd degree burns on the bottom of both of her feet. Moody says the burns may actually be 3rd degree on some parts of her feet.

"It happened within seconds and it could have happened to anyone else," says Moody.

Katie got out of her mom's sight for just seconds as she set down a friend's child under a sprinkler. "I turned around and she's standing on the metal, I don't know if you'd call it a grate or what it is exactly, and on her face you could just tell that she was in pain," said Moody.

Moody grabbed Katie and luckily firefighters were nearby for another event. They were able to help immediately and mother and daughter went by ambulance to Creighton for treatment of the burns.

"The whole time in the ambulance I had to hold her and keep her legs out so she wouldn't like bump it on anything," said Moody.

Photos taken by Katie's father, Brian Clark, graphically showed how badly blistered and burned her feet are under her bandages.

The metal cover was definitely hot to the touch on Sunday at 4 p.m. when Channel 6 stopped by. Using a temperature gun, it was 136 degrees.

It wasn't quite as hot out on Saturday, but the metal was still hot enough to burn Katie.

Clark thinks the cover is too close to the spray ground. "I think its crazy that something would get that hot inside of an area where children are playing. Especially expected to be barefooted children because they are running in a water park."

Katie's feet will take months to heal. She has another trip to the doctor scheduled on Wednesday.