The Big Garden hopes to make a big impact in North Omaha

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) -- Finding the right fit when moving can sometimes take a little time, but for one area charitable organization, the wait was worth it.

Founded by United Methodist Ministries, The Big Garden found a perfect fit in North Omaha.

The goal is to help a community in need of fresh produce. At 56th and Read in North Omaha, the plans are taking root. They just bought a small nursery and are preparing to serve the community. Nathan Morgan is the executive director of the Big Garden.

“I can't envision a place that's more perfect than this one,” said Morgan. “There's so many people in our community that don't have access to fresh produce they live in a part of town that doesn't have a grocery store they don't drive.”

For more than a decade, The Big Garden has supplied the means and "know how" to community gardens and individuals to grow their own food. They supply fresh produce to nearly 150 community gardens in a three state area and Omaha's three largest food banks.

“This has been a big dream for us and our long term goal of course is to alleviate hunger in the Omaha area,” said Jaimee Trobough.

The Big Garden was previously spread out over the entire area, no longer has to borrow space at greenhouses. This one stop location was desperately needed.

“We teach classes in a lot of schools and child care centers and it’s important for populations that don't have access to healthy fresh produce to have those skills where they learn to grow it themselves and have access to the seedlings,” said Trobough.

Office and storage space was also a must.

“We're cleaning out a lot of the chemical products that are here because at The Big Garden we only use organic products,” said education coordinator, Cait Caughey.

Chemical products will be taken to 'under the sink' for proper disposal.

“We have a kids program where we're working with around 800 to a thousand kids this summer and we want to make sure the gardens are safe that they're not interacting with any chemicals,” said Caughey.

She said it’s place with a mission providing healthy food for an area in need.

“It's like it fell out of heaven and it's going to be the perfect site for us to be able to serve those that we're called to serve,” said Morgan.