Techademy camp

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Each month, WOWT 6 News highlights a program for children using technology. Time 4 Kids takes us to the UNO campus for a summer technology camp called "Techademy."

"I was looking for a major and so I came here and it was really awesome." Joel Allou took a chance two years ago as a high school junior, coming from his home in Centralia, Missouri for a week-long summer technology camp at UNO's Peter Kiewit Institute.

"My parents actually found out about it and they were like hey, check out this Techademy thing. It's multiple sessions in the summer. it was, I think, three hours a day for a whole week so I said sure, I'll give it a try and it was the best thing."

Joel ended up attending two more sessions. "And I thought this is probably getting unhealthy so I should stop."

Angela McGraw, Techademy coordinator, says the camp hosts innovative and creative IT workshops specifically designed for individual skill levels. "They learn about mobile app development, we have sessions on robotics, cybersecurity and we also have sessions of new and emerging IT fields such as bio-informatics where students will be able to learn how biology merges with technology."

Students also create their own projects. McGraw says Techademy provides a link between a student's current interests and a possible career. Joel found what he was looking for. "I was able to experience a little bit of college and so really, it was everything I was expecting. It definitely convinced me. After the week, I was like okay, this is what I want to major in, let's go. let's do it."

Now a freshman at UNO, Joel is majoring in computer technology. He credits the Techademy with helping him reach an important goal. "And here I am two years later." Joel will actually be teaching some of those sessions this summer.

The camp runs for six weeks beginning June 6th. Registration is now taking place and each week-long session cost $150.