Second Suspect Still Sought In Church Robbery, Assault

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Police have arrested one of the two suspects believed to have robbed and assaulted a woman inside an Omaha church last Sunday.

A felony warrant for robbery was issued earlier Wednesday morning for 22-year-old Wayman Clark. Investigators are still attempting to identify the second suspect.

Surveillance cameras caught the violent scene last Sunday inside St. Cecilia Cathedral. In the video shared by Associate Pastor Father James Netusil, two men can be seen entering the church before approaching a woman reading a church newsletter. One grabs her purse and takes off through the door while the other punches the woman in the side of the head. In another camera angle, surveillance gives a clear look at the two.

WOWT 6 News heard from her granddaughter Tuesday afternoon. She said her 76-year-old grandmother is now doing fine.

This happened Sunday morning around 11 a.m.

The church pastor said security video shows the woman look around as if she noticed the other people but she never sensed any potential threat.

She made her way through the doors picked up a pamphlet and was blindsided. One assailant grabbed her purse and the other punched her, knocking her to the ground, gashing her head on the table.

The attackers took off down the street. The victim went to the hospital.

The pastor said the entire parish is hoping the people responsible are caught.

Fr. Michael Gutgsell said, "Of course it's shocking because we haven’t had anything like that here - at least not in 10 years. And so obviously we prayed for her the next two masses and the parishioners are now concerned. ‘Is it safe? Should I be in the church?’ And we tried to assure them this is a safe place and it was something completely out of the blue."

If you recognize the men responsible or saw anything suspicious in the area of 40th and Cuming or 40th and Burt let police know. The number you need to call is 402-444-STOP.

You can see Father Netusil's original post below (app users, click the link provided). This is a developing story. Trust WOWT 6 News to bring you the latest as new details become available.

On Sunday, August 16, 2015, at 11:06 am, a 76-year-old woman entered the north vestibule of St. Cecilia’s Cathedral on...

Posted by James Netusil on Tuesday, August 18, 2015