Body Found Inside SUV That Crashed Into Lake

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An autopsy was scheduled for Saturday morning to determine what caused the death of a driver whose body was found inside an SUV submerged in a Valley, Nebraska lake.

Authorities were called to 288th and West Valley streets Friday afternoon after a passerby noticed a damaged chain-link fence. A vehicle's bumper was later seen floating in the water.

"Judging that he went through the grass, there is a ditch, a 14-inch irrigation pipe, the fence laid on the irrigation pipe was used as a ramp which projected him into the water," said Valley Police Chief Brett Smith. "He was 40, 45 yards out and the vehicle was 25-feet deep resting on a ledge and if he would have went over the ledge, the water depth goes to 80-feet. Dispatch was able to give us one central channel, so we were able to communicate with the Yutan Fire Department, the Valley Fire Department, the Omaha Dive Team. Able 1 came out to give us a fly over to see if they could locate a vehicle in the water."

Divers found the vehicle that apparently crashed earlier in the day. Inside was the body of 25-year-old Brock Redding of Fremont.

A check of online court records found Redding was just released from jail on bond Thursday and he had a sentencing date in December.

Redding is survived by his parents and two children.