Students' Experiments to go into Space

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There are only 16 communities in the country that participate in a program called the SSEP, or the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program.

Two of those communities are in Omaha; Burke High School, and North High School.
Dan Burgdorff, Jesse Epperson, Jessica Powell, and David Smiley are all seniors at North High School, and their experiment was one that got picked.

"Its kind of like a dream come true. How many kids can say they put an experiment on a space shuttle when they were in high school," said Powell.

The students are interested in proteins, so their experiment involves one called a lysozyme.

Lysozymes can be found in human tears, saliva, breast milk, and even chicken egg whites, and they have antibacterial properties.

The students wanted to see how those properties are affected in zero gravity.

"We want to see if microgravity increases its antibacterial properties, or decreases them. Because it could either hinder astronauts' natural immune system, or it could strengthen it, in which case, it could be used in different applications," said Powell.

A student from Burke High School also had an experiment chosen. Aaron Zipursky's experiment involves honey as a preservative on long duration space flights.

Endeavor's final mission, which will have the experiments on board, is set to launch on April 29th.