Students Wrap Trees To Raise Awareness

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Local students wrapped trees on the Nebraska Medicine campus Tuesday. The green "ribbons" are meant to raise awareness of a pest that can prove deadly to ash trees.

Students with the UNMC/High School Alliance wrapped dozens of trees with emerald green ribbons, signifying that the trees are among more than 100,000 ash trees that could be susceptible to the emerald ash borer (EAB) if the exotic beetle comes to Omaha.

Though it has not arrived in Nebraska yet, the Nebraska Forest Service says EAB can kill all species of North American ash trees, regardless of the tree's health, age or size.

"The ash trees are pretty and they're all over campus," says Millard North Junior Kaitlin Bierman. "They'll be greatly affected when the beetle comes through."

It's her hope that the ribbons will help people protect their trees.