Spreading The Love With Thanksgiving Meals

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The Church of Jesus Christ Whole Truth had one goal in mind on Saturday-- to spread the love.

At their third annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner, they served more than 500 people a filling meal.

"Made me think back home, back to my father's cooking," Betty Holliday said. She's new to Omaha, and finds the city has been nothing be helpful to her and Larry Barnes since they've gotten here.

Member of the church donated turkey, ham, chicken-- every fixing they needed to provide a proper Thanksgiving meal. They cooked all through the night to be ready for dinner. They served the meal at the Salvation Army North Corp and Community Center.

"Everybody just made something out of love," said Pastor Frank Parker. "I told them make some thing out of love, you want people to have the love."

"Auntie" Maggie Smith, as the church calls her, echoed Parker's message. She wants everyone to spread the love.

"There's no animosity, there's no arguing," she said. "Everyone works together. It's just beautiful."

Barnes and Holliday thought so, too. They said they hadn't seen anything quite like it when they lived in St. Louis.

"If you go hungry in Omaha you deserve to be hungry, because they're here to feed you and clothe you," Barnes said.

The church wants to keep that reputation. It's why every year, so many people volunteer, they have to create their own jobs to stay busy.

"If you notice, we have so many that they're carrying plates to people's tables, they're making up jobs to do," Pastor said. "Helping people to their cars, doing whatever, and that makes me feel good."

Pastor hopes others will take their message of spreading the love and help others this holiday season. He said you don't have to make a big gesture, or give up your holiday, you just have to feel the love.