Spotlight on Human Trafficking

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Dozens at Turner Park kicked off the "Price of Life" week to shed light on human trafficking in Omaha.

Events all week will expose the underground world and spread awareness about how victims can get help.

Tuesday, nearly 100 people kicked off the event with a walk from Turner park to the courthouse. There were also four other events throughout the metro, including a documentary screening at Creighton University.

Organizers said many think human trafficking is a distant problem, but it happens daily in Nebraska. Youth Emergency Services said nearly two-thousand children have been affected by sex trafficking in Omaha.
Supporters want to spread awareness this week.

"I hear too many times people saying, well if it doesn't affect me, or that's negative I don't want to hear all about the bad stuff. But guess what, it's happening and it's happening to kids. It's happening to innocent people who have no choice," said Julie Shrader, President of Rejuvenating Women, an organization that helps women who are dealing with traumatic events in their past.

Rachel Davis, who was trafficked from ages six to 16 by her next door neighbor, has become a vocal advocate for victims. But she said she still deals with trauma.

"That was a long time ago and there's still a lot of residual issues that I have to deal with everyday just because of the damage that was done to me psychologically, physically, emotionally," said Rachel Davis.

Many women throughout the week will share stories of being held against their will for sex trafficking or having to choose prostitution after years of abuse.

Organizers said they hope victims come forward this week and feel empowered knowing they have a network of support.

“I just want them to offer them hope and healing and be able to get over the past and feel loved, that's a big thing. Because we do care for them and we do love them and they are worth being loved."

A week of events will culminate with a concert at Creighton where all the proceeds will go to organizations that help victims of trafficking.