Tristan Harper's Family Sets Up Funeral Service Fund

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Tristan Harper's family has set up a fund at Wells Fargo to help pay for funeral expenses after losing their loved one to a murder. The fund is under the name, "Tristan Harper."

Twenty-nine-year-old Tristan Harper was found dead on the couch of his home near North 48th Avenue and Maple Street Friday morning. Neighbors had earlier reported hearing gunshots.

A neighbor said he heard 10 shots fired around 4:20 a.m. Another said he saw a red SUV take off, circle the block and come back around before driving away. He also said the driver looked at him and smiled.

Close friends and family of Harper said they're devastated by the senseless violence. They said Harper would never hurt anyone. "Everything that he posted is positive, uplifting," said friend Travis Mountain. "He had a value for life. That's why this hurts so bad because it's so reckless."

Saturday, the day after his murder, was one they could only spend in prayer.

Losing Harper to a killer has been extremely difficult on his friends and family.

Many gathered at his house at 48th and Maple Saturday afternoon to support the family, remember his life, and pray.

Pastor Bruce Williams, of Hope of Glory Christian Fellowship Church in Omaha, led them.

"Lord, we just pray, father, for your hand, your hand to be on every aspect of this situation, from comforting the family Lord, God, to finding out who did this," he prayed out loud at the vigil.

"We pray Lord that you would send forth your angels, that whoever is responsible for this horrible act, that they will have no rest. No rest Lord!" prayed Barbara Guard, a member of a group who call themselves the "First Responders."

After a tragedy like Harper's the "First Responders" come to lend a hand and pray.

"This is part of my community, and when one part of the community is hurting, the whole community is hurting," says Guard.

Captain Shayna Ray, of the Omaha Police Department's Northwest Precinct, also came just to show support. "We're not just trying to solve this homicide. We're trying to bring peace to the area," she says.

In the end, it's not just about Harper.

Everyone wants an end to the violence.

"Let us as a community, stand together to bring peace back to Omaha Nebraska dear Heavenly Father. Like it once was!" one man prayed.

They ended the night lighting candles, and remembering the best of Harper.

Anyone with information concerning this investigation is asked to call police at 402-444-5656.

The family has set up a fund at Wells Fargo to help pay for funeral expenses. The fund is under the name, "Tristan Harper."