Shocking Student Assault Video

A shocking assault inside an Omaha high school and Fact Finders has the video. It shows an attack by one female student on another.

The student was jumped in a hallway at Omaha Central High School last Thursday. The victim says the video posted on Instagram implies a pre-planned assault.

The victim, a Central sophomore, said, "I thought I was safe and now I’m just like scared to go to school because there are more girls out there."

The attack followed a confrontation two days earlier that the victim's grandmother says a school official knew about.

The grandmother, who also asked not to be identified, said, "He promised me nothing would happen to her, so go ahead and send her to school, so I did. So I don't feel like they took it seriously enough."

The victim suffered a concussion. Along with members of her family, she met with Omaha’s city prosecutor who promised a misdemeanor assault investigation.

David Smalheiser, the city prosecutor, said, "I think the video is very shocking. Shocking not only that you get assaulted but also disturbing they would decide to post that on the internet."

Contacted by Fact Finders, the attacker’s sister claimed the victim had bullied a pregnant friend.

The sister of the student attacker claims, "The school wasn't listening. My sister thought the best thing to do was to scare her; teach her a lesson I guess."

But the sophomore said she's a victim of assault and video bullying.

Asked how she felt about the video being out on social media, the vactim told us, "When I replay and watch that video, it does hurt because it feels like I’m reliving that moment again."

The assault has the 15 year old sophomore worried about her safety. Though a teacher pulled off the attacker, the victim knows she can't be guarded all day during or after school.

OPS spokesman Todd Andrews tells Fact Finders that the district can't comment on student discipline issues.

We do know that the attacker has been expelled, according to her sister.