Self Defense Ruling In Fatal Shooting

Fatal shooting ruled self defense. 61-year-old Gary Bouzek died of a single gunshot wound to the head in the early morning hours of June 16th in Wabash. His 36-year-old son pulled the trigger.

The Cassgram reports Cass County Attorney Nathan Cox and investigators from the sheriff’s department have been reviewing reports, gathering evidence and conducting interviews for the past five months. Cox said investigators were given some statements that warranted further investigation but in the end there was no evidence of premeditation or intentional murder. David Bouzek “feared for his life and took actions to defend himself,” concluded Cox.

Cox provided a recap of events: The father and son had been estranged for a long period of time with the father, Gary, serving time in prison. After Gary’s release, the two had talked in the months prior to June and Gary had been invited to his son’s home in Wabash. However, the relationship “went down a bad road” after David had picked up Gary at a mission house in Lincoln and Gary became so abusive during a drive—with Bouzek’s girlfriend and her children in the vehicle—that David made him get out of the vehicle, said Cox.

Time passed and it was during the early morning hours of June 16th in Wabash that David’s girlfriend awakened him because she heard loud pounding on the roof and the door of the in-ground home. Cox said David went outside and found his father with a hammer. The son went back into the house and came back out with a .22 caliber rifle loaded with one bullet. David told investigators he advised his father he would shoot if he continued to threaten him. Investigators were told that Gary Bouzek came running toward his son and that’s when David fired the shot that struck killed his father. The 911 call was made from the Bouzek residence.

Investigators found evidence that the hammer was used to pound on the structure.

Toxicology reports determined there was alcohol in Gary Bouzek’s system, said Cox. The analysis also determined Gary Bouzek had not been taking prescribed medication. Cox said that when Gary did not take the medication he was said to “act erratically.”

Investigators have not been able to determine how Gary Bouzek got to Wabash from Lincoln.