Riley Talks Husker Offense

Husker Coach Mike Riley talks about the Huskers offense and who he currently sees starting at quarterback.

Ross: You were at the Holiday Bowl in San Diego. You saw the way the Huskers played against USC. Tommy Armstrong sets a school record for total offense in a bowl game with 422 yards. What are your thoughts about Tommy at quarterback?

Coach Riley: I really like what I saw on film before I saw the game and then I got to watch him practice a few times here and then I really watched him. As much for the production in the game, obviously Ross, it's great to see that kind of a production from a quarterback. But I also like the way he competed. I thought he was instrumental in that competition fighting back into it and making plays and I thought the way he kept his composure the way the team did and they competed. I think that was all a pretty good picture.

Ross: You already know one quarterback pretty well. Johnny Stanton you recruited out of California. He came to Nebraska. Your thoughts on Johnny?

Coach Riley: It is funny we recruited Johnny when he was out in California and kind of we were disappointed, but understood his decision obviously to come to Nebraska. Then here we are, it is just life sometimes as it comes around. So I am looking forward to working with all the guys. This is obviously a very, very competitive situation and it is very important that all the guys feel the opportunity to compete, but we will try to do it in a way that starts from a clean slate everybody working and then with..if everybody in the room grows the better the team will get so that is what we are looking for.

Ross: So even though you have a two-year starter at quarterback, the quarterback job is open?

Coach Riley: All those jobs are. But I also understand the experience there and so when we get started, Tommy is going to take the snaps. I mean that is the way. To me that is his job right now, because he has been the starter from that point. It would be totally unfair for any player to not feel that they had a chance to compete, but I am not naive to the fact, that we have a number of starters that are back, those guys will take the first snaps, it is their job to do their best and keep their job and it is our job to make sure we coach everybody on the team, so they enhance their opportunity to play.