Record Mittens Collected In Annual Mitten Drive

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Kids still need winter gear to get through the rest of the winter season.

One school held a mitten drive today...collecting mittens for several organizations.

Kids at the Primrose School of Legacy spent a month collecting mittens to donate to two groups called Completely Kids and Kids Can Community Center.

Owner Dr. Laura Jana says the kids look forward to the drive every year.

“All month long the anticipation is building up how many mittens can we collect to give to kids who don't have them,” says Jana.

“At the end of the month when we tally them all up, the kids get to count them they bring them up to the front. We decorate a tree with them and then we do a field trip where we get to donate them into the community."

The school collected 717 pairs of mittens, a record for the school. The mittens that are donated will be split equally among the two groups.