Purses Snatched While Victims Pump Gas

Quick and gutsy thieves are hitting where few of us would expect.
Fact Finders shows us why we shouldn't let our guard down -- even at the gas pump.

As a victim pumps gas a thief a snatches her purse. A day later same crime same station. Purse snatch victim Sandy says,” They’re very bold and very gutsy."

The victim of the second theft who asked not to be identified says standing by the pump she didn't notice a pickup pull on the other side of her vehicle and a suspect open the passenger door to grab her purse. Sandy says, ” I’m standing probably two feet from my purse with my back turned and so it was just that quick. Two seconds and he had it."

The day before a thief makes a bolder move by reaching inside an open window to snatch another purse and drives off this time in a car. Detective. Bryan Svajgi with Papillion police says,” I think they pull in the lot and take a look around to see where the opportunity is. This case the passenger window was down and her purse on the seat."

Later a suspect uses that victim's credit card at several stores. Sandy cancelled hers before they got used.

A day apart the victims pumped gas at the same convenience store so the thefts seem connected. Both purses had been left convenient place to be snatched.

Papillion police believe the purse snatchers may know each other.
If you have information call Sarpy county crime stoppers. That number is 402-592-stop. Tell them its case number 14-08.