Event Sheds Light on After School Programs

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On the topic of these and other recent shootings, there are efforts being made locally to curbing such violence.

Showcasing after-school programs through a Saturday event called, “Lights On After School,” it “sheds light” on programs that impacts over 3,500 middle school students across the metro, everyday.

The goal was to highlight various after-school programs that encouraged students to stay active between the hours of three and six o’clock on school days. Organizers say those are the hours that kids are most at risk in getting involved in criminal activity. "The hours between three and six are crucial for kids, so if they are not in after school programs, they would be going home to empty homes, not doing their homework, not having any social activities to do, and not having that caring adult around,” Gwynette Williams, with Collective for Youth said.

Some of the activities Saturday, held at UNO Sapp Field House, included studying DNA, students were able to collect a sample from themselves and take it home. There are 24 after school programs located, within our area.