Man Arrested For Woman's Murder, Creek Searched For Evidence

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Reginald Briggs, 31, has been arrested for the murder of Teresa Longo. That word came Wednesday as police concluded an extensive search along the Papio Creek for what investigators had called critical evidence in the investigation. It’s not clear what, if anything, was recovered.

Longo’s body was found on Friday, October 2. Police had received an anonymous tip about a body in a home at 39th and Burdette.

In addition to the murder charge, Briggs is accused of two weapons charges in this case and he's also facing two felony counts of domestic violence for a case involving another victim. Investigators say that victim was his girlfriend and was also an acquaintance of Longo.

Police would not say if that second woman helped direct the investigation to Briggs or how Briggs was arrested.

As for the evidence search, authorities converged near 62nd and H streets where 80 members of law enforcement, Omaha Fire and Rescue and police recruits spent hours scouring the banks and the waters of the Papio. That included use of a dive team. The target was a quarter mile search area.

Police said on Saturday that they were treating the case as a homicide but gave few details about how the murder happened.

We do not know what police were looking for at the creek but we're told it is crucial to the investigation.

Captain Kerry Neumann said, “Everyone out here is doing an outstanding job covering a wide area searching for evidence in this case. It’s a very tedious task. But we’re out here and we’re going to attempt to find some evidence in this case.”

Captain Neumann said a gun was used in the murder.

Longo's family and friends remain distraught over the news, “and for somebody to do this to her, just rips my heart out," said RoseAnn Olson.

RoseAnn and Teresa Long used to work together. “You could meet her once and she could make a lifelong impact on your life that was a positive one," she said.

Longo's family issued a statement saying, “Teresa was a burst of sunshine to everyone she met. Her smiles, hugs, and humor will be missed the most."

Police still ask if you have any information in this case that you call the homicide unit at 444-5656.