UPDATE: Police Identify Shooting Victim

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Omaha Police early Thursday morning released the name of a man who was shot to death in a car Wednesday afternoon at 26th and Parker.

The victim was Virgil Beard of Omaha. Beard was 63 years old.
People who knew Beard say he was a nice man who kept to himself.
A distant relative says Beard took car of his children and grandchildren.
He was shocked to discover that anyone would want to harm him.

A prayer walk will be held Thursday night at 5:30 just north of 26th Street and Parker, where Beard died on Wednesday.

Police responded to a shot fired call around 4:30 p.m. Wednesday. When arriving in the area police found a car with it's back window shot out, they found an adult man in that area as well.

Investigators rushed to the area and started combing front yards and back yards for bullet shells and casings. Crime lab workers could be seen throughout a six to nine block area that was taped off and shutdown to the public as they looked for clues.

"We're canvassing the area trying to talk to neighbors, or anyone that may have seen any part of this that happened," said Omaha Police Officer Kevin Wiese.

Initial radio reports by 9-1-1 indicated that the person who fired a gun was riding on a bike.

Witnesses told WOWT 6 News that they heard "firecracker-like" noises. A number of people admitted they had no clue that someone had just fired a gun in their neighborhood. Quickly it became apparent that it wasn't firecrackers when police showed up and broke the news that a man had been shot dead.

Crime Lab

"It's very scary," said Genifer Davis, who lives nearby. "It makes your heart drop. It's time to make that move."

Davis has lived in Omaha for 13 years. According to Davis, the shootings are coming closer and closer to her home.

"I pray hard. I pray hard. I have to give it to God because only God can keep this from getting close, getting close from me and the people I know. I pray really hard."

As people who live in the neighborhood are curious what led to this violent act, police are working to get clues. Officers say anything, no matter how small, could be the clue that police need to put this whole case together.

Since the shooting is being investigating as a homicide, police are able to offer a reward up to $25,000 through CrimeStoppers.

Anyone with information about who may have been involved are urged to contact police at (402) 444-STOP.