Second Suspect Sought In Gallagher Park Shooting

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A felony warrant was issued Thursday for the arrest of 18-year-old Adrian Lester, wanted for first-degree murder in the April 14th shooting death of Tielor Williams in Omaha's Gallagher Park.

The 18-year-old Williams and 22-year-old Joshua Schmitt were shot at North 52nd Street and Northwest Radial Highway. They went to Methodist Hospital where Williams died a short time later.

Twenty-one-year-old Dennis Brewer Jr. has already been arrested in the case and is being held without bond for criminal homicide. He has been sent to jail twice in the past on misdemeanor charges.

Prosecutors said the gunfire occurred during a botched robbery. "This was two groups of individuals getting together," Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said last Friday. "There were allegations that there was a robbery or an attempted robbery by some individuals and that is the time the shooting accord."

Schmitt was released from the hospital on April 16th. "He was just sitting in the passenger seat. I'm sitting there constantly saying Tielor please stay with me, you know, just shaking him trying to keep him alive to get him to the hospital and he just didn't make it."

Tielor Williams

Williams’ father Wayne told WOWT 6 News last week by phone from Las Vegas that he spoke to his son about an hour before the shooting and he said everything seemed fine. “My mom called me this morning and told me that my son was shot and killed."

It was the kind of thing that Wayne was trying to keep Tielor away from. Four years ago, he took custody of Tielor and his brother Jake and the three lived in Las Vegas until last November. “He graduated, he turned 18 and he felt his life would be easier back in Omaha job-wise. He made a decision that he wanted to move back so I let him." Tielor took a job as a cook at a Perkins restaurant.

Tielor had called his father and told him he was going to move in with his friend, Josh Schmitt. “I honestly don't think it has hit me completely yet, but I just can't believe I've lost my son. He was a really good kid."