Photos Capture Mythical Beast?

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A perfect story as we get closer to Halloween.

A real "X-File" case not too far from the metro.

Some men and women in Washington County may have spotted a legend.

That legendary stuff just doesn't happen on our commute.

About two months ago, just outside of Blair, Nebraska, Rich Zelensky ran across major league water-cooler material.

"It was early in the morning and I seen this thing jump over a barrier," he said. "I grabbed my camera and took a couple pictures and wondered...what is that thing?"

"It's like a four-legged Dracula."

The animal has no hair and looks skinny and weak.

"The people who believe these things exist say you only find them in Mexico," Zelensky said.

The camera doesn't lie. His colleague Teresa Hodge also spotted it on two different days.

"That's what I seen," she said. "A scrawny, scraggly thing."

"No one knew what it was until the survey crew came in and a guy said, "that's a chupacabra!" Zelensky said. "What the heck is that? Chewbacca? No, this thing doesn't have any hair on it."

"So what is it? We went to the experts.

We showed Rich's photos to Doug Armstrong, Director of Animal Health at the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium.

"People are attracted to myths and the unexplained," he said.
There is no chupacabra exhibit at the zoo.

"To me, that looks like a coyote," Armstrong said.

A coyote with mange, meaning mites have picked away at the hair.

We asked others what they thought of the photo? Is it the Latin American legend chupacabra?

"It looks like a hyena," Becky Capps said. "Doesn't it look like a hyena?"

"Hyena's aren't indigenous to the United States," Kate Capps said. "It can't be."

"Sure looks like one," Becky said.

So the mythical beast that sucks blood out of goats gets no love here.

"If that thing would have gotten on its hind legs and walked across the highway, I was looking for a UFO," Zelensky said.

There's always Bigfoot, right?