Update: The Story Behind Viral Photo

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Were you one of the 64 million people who saw Baby Harper's Picture?

WOWT's Malorie Maddox first shared it on our page back in May.

The picture showed Baby Harper-waiting for her dad, an Army Specialist--to arrive at the airport.

She's holding a sign that is a play off Carly Rae Jepsen's hit song, "Call Me Maybe."

It says, "Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but my name's Harper and I'm your baby!"

Within thirty minutes of posting the picture, it spread unlike anything we have ever seen at WOWT.

Malorie Maddox checks back in with Harper-and her parents-about all the attention.

"She's still out there," Cole Tesar, Harper's father laughs.

It was Harper's precious face that go the attention of 64-million people.

After it went viral from our WOWT page, it had 1.8 million likes and 102,000 shares.

It was everywhere.

It was on the Huffington Post, The Today Show - even the singer Carly Rae Jepsen shared it.

"It was just crazy that people all over the world would recognize us by her name/picture," said Logan Tesar, Harper's mom.

Malorie Maddox first met Cole and Logan right before he was leaving for Afghanistan. Harper wasn't even born yet.

Month later, when Cole posted the picture of Harper waiting for him at the airport, we asked to share it.

The Tesar's agreed but we were all surprised by the immediate worldwide attention.

Malorie Maddox jokes, "I'm glad you're still speaking to me." The Tesar's laughed.

For everyone who saw it and shared it, it made us feel part of that amazing moment for the Tesars. We got to watch as Cole held his daughter for the very first time.

"Greatest day of my life. It was awesome, really cool," said Cole.

Since that day, Cole and Harper have made up for lost time.

"She kind of skipped past walking and went straight to running," said Cole.

Cole's been there for her first steps, Halloween, and the small moments that mean so much to parents.

Logan says, "It's special to see the bond they have."

And although the attention has died down, Baby Harper is still out there. Right before our interview, Logan saw her picture pop up on Pinterest.

"I think it's going to be cool to tell her when she gets older, you know. This is what happened to you. You had no idea what was going on!" said Logan.

Posted March 4,2014
A photo posted on our WOWT 6 News Facebook page has gone viral, garnering more than 1.5 million 'likes'. Tuesday night we heard from the family responsible for the adorable photo.

It's a photo that captivated the hearts of over a million users on Facebook.

Baby Harper, waiting to meet her daddy for the first time in her life.

"That's crazy, i couldn't believe how fast, how many people, how fast, it went viral like instantly."

Sarpy County native -- Army Specialist Cole Tesar says his family is grateful for the outpouring of support.

His wife Logan and baby Harper were reunited with Cole Sunday. His 9 month deployment in Afghanistan came to an end.

He talks about finally holding his daughter in his arms for the first time.

"It is kind of different because it is my own baby; it is our own blood. It is definitely special, and it is a pretty good feeling."

This story was 9 months in the making.

We first met the couple before Cole's deployment. Married and pregnant -- they knew it would be a road of sacrifice ahead.

"With ultrasounds and when i went into labor and doctor's appointments, it was hard not having him there," says wife Logan.

But the two held on.

Cole says he never lost sight of the end goal.

"Knowing that when it was all said and done, I would be with my family, I would be able to hold my baby for the first time, and be back with Logan and start a family."

It makes the wait so worth it -- a sign catchy by nature based on a hit song.

But it means so much to a family who's just getting started.

What was one of the first things dad and daughter did together once home?

Watch cartoons.

Posted March 3, 2014 at 9:08pm

In case you missed it on the WOWT 6 News Facebook page, we wanted to pass along a photo that’s been getting a lot of attention.

Cole Tesar, a soldier from Bellevue, returned home Sunday and was greeted by his baby girl, Harper. Tesar and his wife, Logan, were expecting before Tesar deployed to Afghanistan. Logan gave birth while Cole was still overseas. Sunday was the first time he met his baby girl.

Harper was waiting for Cole, with the sign in the photo, when he got off the airplane. It's generating lots of smiles around the country. The post has gone viral with more than one million likes and tens of thousands of shares and comments.

Both Cole and Logan Tesar are from Nebraska. The couple visited WOWT 6 News prior to Cole's deployment in May 2013.

Tesars Visit WOWT