Peyton Manning's Omaha

Omaha has been getting a little extra buzz recently thanks to a record-breaking performance in the NFL.

You might have heard Denver quarterback Peyton Manning yelling “Omaha! Omaha!" in his snap count.

On Monday, the Omaha Convention and Visitor's Bureau thanked Manning for "all the love,” as we were trending on Twitter.

Bureau Director Dana Markel said, “You know it's one thing for Peyton Manning to say ‘Omaha! Omaha!' but it's another thing for people to consider Omaha as a place to visit. And we've noticed that people are paying closer attention now. In fact, Philadelphia had a post that talked about the five best things to do in Omaha if you go to visit."

Now if we can just get Papillion, Gretna and Bellevue into the snap count.