Path of Blair Vandalism Etched in Shattered Glass

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It was a tough transition back from Labor Day weekend in Blair. Dozens came home to find their car windows shot out.

The damage left behind is disheartening - even at Shotwells - the one-stop-shop to fix a broken window.

Owner Anne Shotwell said, “It makes me emotional because this is something that didn't need to happen. At all."

Someone took aim at vehicle windows all over Blair on Sunday night. The glass was shattered with some type of BB or pellet gun.

Lieutenant Aaron Barrow started receiving calls early Monday morning, totaling up to 40 reports so far.

He said, “It doesn't appear like anybody tried to get into any of the cars or steal anything. It just appears to be that just a random act of vandalism."

That random act is forcing a lot of out-of-pocket expense for residents. And the losses can be deceptive. Shotwell showed us one window that would cost approximately $80 to repair. She showed us a smaller window that you would expect to be cheaper but the repair cost of that one is $300.

It's not the first time Blair has been covered with shattered glass. Last year’s hailstorm put everyone in the same boat.

Shotwell said, “It's senseless. The hailstorm was one thing - act of God. Busting out windows for absolutely no rhyme or reason? It's unacceptable. Completely."

We happened across one car that’s going to need $800 in repairs and that’s a real sting for the 17-year-old owner.

Allen Junker said, "As a high school student I'm more worried right now about saving for college and other big things and I guess this is a good use for savings money but it'd be wonderful if they could figure out who did this and make them pay for it."

Brandi Berg’s van will cost more than $1,000 to repair. She said, “Whoever it may be, just disrespecting everybody's personal property. Just why they had to do this. I just don't get it."

If you have any information about this you are encouraged to text Crime Stoppers at 274-637. Keyword--crimetips.